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Micromize, Inc is a VC-backed, MIT-spinoff company located in Boston, MA (USA). We are developing novel printed circuit board (PCBs) for mobile & wearable devices. Our PCBs will offer following advantages:

  • Miniaturized and ultra-thin
  • High-density wiring
  • Low-cost
  • Energy efficient
  • Eco-friendly

Our PCBs will make mobile and wearable devices lighter and more compact, prolong their battery life, boost performance, improve thermal management, and reduce cost.


Prashant Patil

Chief Executive Officer

Manisha Mohan

Customer Development Manager

Rajesh Nair


Prof. Neil Gershenfeld


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The feeling you get when you work at Micromize is rather hard to describe. Your impact is direct and makes a massive difference. Every idea, process or change you implement has a ripple effect that can impact the company and potentially hundreds or even thousands of employees and customers for years to come. A common sentiment is that people learn more in a matter of months here then they do after years at a large corporation. On top of that you are surrounded by a culture of innovation and motivated people.

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We are expanding and actively recruiting for multiple roles. Please apply below.

Latest News


Micromize, Inc secured pre-seed fellowship funding from E14 Fund

E14 Fund is the MIT Media Lab affiliated fund that supports and invests in early stage companies founded by the Media Lab community.

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Micromize at the Media Lab members week startup event.

Dr. Prashant Patil presented Micromize at the Media Lab members week startup event.

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Micromize, Inc is awarded NSF grant for customer discovery

Micromize, Inc is awarded to the National Science Foundation (NSF) customer discovery grant.

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Contact us

Call: +1 774-32M-ICRO (+1 774-326-4276)
Monday-Friday (9am-5pm)

Email: hello@micromize.com
Web: www.micromize.com

Headquarter: 867 Boylston Street
Boston, MA 02199, USA

Silicon Valley Office: 490 43rd St, STE 47
Oakland, CA 94609, USA